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Dr. Luquette graduated from the Texas Chiropractic College in 1993.  Dr. Luquette is a specialist in chiropractic care, and has treated thousands of patients ranging from infants to seniors.  As an accomplished healthcare provider, Dr. Luquette employs the holistic principles of chiropractic care through treatment, education and diagnosis in the clinics, and community education through lectures and workshops. Dr. Luquette's efforts, combined with prioritization of exceptional quality of care have been rewarded by the clinics achieving a ranking within the top 1% of solo practice chiropractors and top 5% in the field.

For many patients, communication and caring are as important as medical knowledge and abilities. Dr. Luquette is an exceptional communicator and, via membership in the National Speaking Association,  has lectured locally and regionally.  Dr. Luquette is committed to communicating the art, science, and philosophy of chiropractic care, particularly the value of balancing the five facets of health through a proprietary program called B.R.E.A.D. "Everyone Can Be a BREAD Winner"(tm)   BREAD is an acronym for Body Function, Rest, Exercise, Attitude, and Diet.  With proper body mechanics, rest, exercise, positive mental attitude, and diet, you can achieve balanced health.   Dr. Luquette sponsors community based BREAD "Every Child Can Be A BREAD Winner"(tm) programs for our local school district and has been recognized by the TEA for reducing childhood obesity.

Medical technology has made significant advancements over the years, and Dr. Luquette's practice at the Luquette Chiropractic Clinic utilizes state of the art equipment for diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Luquette's years of training allow careful analysis and diagnosis of chiropractic problems, to determine specifically which areas must be manipulated, and then perform the appropriate treatment to restore proper body movement and function.

Dr. Luquette is experienced in the prevention and treatment of many ailments including: carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, headaches, mid back pain, lower back pain, pinched nerve, leg pain, allergies, arthritis,leg pain, neck pain, painful stiff joints, sports injuries, nutritional counseling, repetitive motion injuries, and shoulder pain. Dr. Luquette maintains professional and community involvement through  active membership in numerous organizations and is a member of the American Chiropractic Association, Texas Chiropractic Association, Nacogdoches Chamber of Commerce, and the Fredonia Rotary Club of Nacogdoches.


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